Every air photography service has different characteristics and requirements: evaluation of the light according to the time of the day and the subject to film, meteorological conditions, locality and distance from our base.
Every service includes an inspection, an evaluation of the technical characteristics based on client’s needs, organization of the flight, quantity and duration of filming, post production service.

Photos of Interiors and Architecture

digital shoots with professional cameras with optics at high resolution that allow to correct the crumbling prospectives for shoots of building interiors or external locations, with particular attention…

Promotion and Enhancement of Tourist Sites

air photography and videos of high visual impact, to enhance property, hotels, country lodgings, villas, sports centres, tourist sites, ports, beautiful landscapes and monuments.

Country surveying

photography with shoots at 45°, useful for reading the natural and urban landscape for the construction of new infrastructures. The special angle of shooting gives “raised” images for rendering or simulation…

Industrial and Alternative Energies Air Photography

air photography for companies or industrial sites and photography that documents the impact of industrialization on the natural environment. Air photography of industrial sites for placement of solar panels…

Monitoring of Environmental Risk

air photos and videos for inspection from above of quarries, excavation sites, road and bridge constructions, landfills, unstable land, rivers. Surveys of inaccessible and dangerous zones. Checks on the…


Special services with air images taken at an angle of 45°, with photos of small and big dimensions, both for teaching and personal purposes: printing on photographic paper, on Fine Art paper, on canvas,…