About us

Established at the end of 2011 through the work of a professional photographer, Air Photography Florence takes photos and films from the air using a drone, a tiny remote control aircraft, equipped with camera and video camera. It records highly-detailed images of the area, from low altitude (from 0m to 100m from the ground). The company designs, plans and executes the flights of the drone; the phases of post-production are carried out internally; photographic and video collections can be made to document the territory and the environment. The drone can be used well in the documentation of places, that, because of the peculiar morphology of the site and in cases of extraordinary natural events, are difficult to access. It can also fly in silent mode and take photos and film of an area with interesting innovation for tourist promotion and the commercialization of property. Thanks to the vertical take-off we are able to arrive anywhere quickly, even in inaccessible zones or areas that are not very spacious; we can record from various heights, rotating 360° around the subject. The photographic experience in years of work of Andrea Fantauzzo, owner of Air Photography Florence, allows him to offer photographic services to architects, companies, hotels and country lodgings, including photos of interiors and architecture, together with photos from the air.